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I am still at the library

1. Have you seen LibraryThing? It lets you "catalog" your books and have a record of them online (using Amazon and the Library of Congress, as well as other libraries, for bibliographic information. Then, everyone can see what books you have! I'm tempted to enter in all my books, just so I can have a solid record of them and also to know how many books I actually have. The funny part is that this is exactly what I do at work. It's like I'm a dentist who wants to go home and fill cavities for fun.

2. There was a short educational series from 1986 called Tomes and Talismans that starred Adrienne Barbeau didn't actually star Adrienne Barbeau, no matter what IMDB tells you, as a post-apocalyptic librarian named Miss Bookheart who went around trying to save information from The Wipers (The Wipers wiped out information). Did anyone see it? I guess what I'm saying is that there need to be far more sci-fi adventures starring librarians.

3. The Dewey Decimal system is broken down into a thousand subdivisions. I like this, because it sounds very mystical. I think it would be nice if the Wu-Tang clan recorded a track about the Dewey Decimal system, or maybe libraries in general. Remember that Public Enemy video where the kids had guns and then Chuck D shot a ray and all the guns turned into books? That was great.
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